An electronic version of the revised FELASA recommendations for the health monitoring of rodents and rabbits has been published in Laboratory Animals. See Service & Information for a link.

BioDoc - Biomedical Diagnostics

Biomedical Diagnostics - BioDoc - is an independent accredited laboratory under the direction of Prof. Dr. Michael Mähler. The laboratory was founded in Hannover (Germany) in 1993.

BioDoc im Medical Park Hannover

BioDoc performs serological and molecular biological tests for diagnosis of viral, bacterial and parasitic infections in small laboratory animals (mouse, rat, hamster, guinea pig and rabbit). In addition, we provide advisory service with regard to diagnosis and eradication of such infections.

Our clients are mainly institutions which conduct animal experiments (pharmaceutical industry, universities, research organisations) and laboratory animal breeding companies in Germany and other European countries.

The purpose of our investigations is to ensure that laboratory animal colonies are free of infectious agents that are hazardous for the health of humans (zoonosis) and animals or that may interfere with animal experiments.

In addition to animal health monitoring, BioDoc offers testing of biological materials (cell cultures, transplantable tumours, biological pharmaceuticals etc.) for contamination with infectious agents (so-called mouse or rat antibody production tests).

The test reports issued by BioDoc help our clients:
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